Do you hAve Broken or Excess Electronics that you Need Recycled or Want to sell?

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    Whether you are a everyday consumer or in a corporate setting it is easy to have  build of excess e- waste. We make the process of recycling of that waste easy. With guaranteed data removal and clean disposal of your devices we are an easy choice for you or your business.


Why Recycle E - Waste?

      Some components of old electronic equipment can be hazardous to our environment. The toxicity is due in part to leadmercurycadmium and a number of other metallic substances. When we  improperly discard these, these substances and chemicals are extremely harmful to the environment. Lead is a toxic substance of particular concern, as lead poisoning can especially be harmful to young children. A typical 17-inch computer monitor contains approximately 2 pounds of lead while a 27-inch color television contains up to 8 pounds of lead. It is estimated 500 million computers will become obsolete between 1997 and 2007 and will contribute nearly 1.6 billion pounds of lead to the environment if not handled correctly.


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